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lit candle with aluminium foil around it

How To Fix Candle Tunnelling

It happens to the best of us so don’t fret! Candle tunnelling happens when the wax isn’t melted evenly – usually on the first burn (we’ve got a whole separate blog on how and why this happens). There’s a few things you can try to fix candle tunnelling without too much hassle.

The Aluminium Foil Trick

aluminium foil to fix candle tunnelling

If you’re into candles you’ve notably heard of the al-foil trick and it’s popular for a reason – it’s inexpensive as all you need is items you have in your house.

Simply grab some aluminium foil and wrap it around the outside edge of the candle and tuck it in, leaving the exposed flame at the centre. The aluminium foil will allow the heat from the flame to radiate further and melt the leftover wax from the edge. We’ve tried and tested this method and can guarantee it definitely works to fix candle tunnelling.

Invest in a Candle Topper

candle topper to fix candle tunnelling

A candle topper is an open metal lid that, like the aluminium foil, helps the flame radiate further and burns the wax evenly by protecting from winds and drafts to prevent candle tunnelling. As an added bonus, candle toppers also have these interesting, intricate designs that are cute and can be themed for special occasions. Candle toppers are also inexpensive and can be found online for as little as AUD$9. They’re also reusable and can be interchanged between candles to prevent or fix candle tunnelling.

Some of our favourites include:

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